My profession started ten years ago.
My girlfriend at the time and I had our first real big fight - the kind of fight that can go either way. We spent a few days cooling off and I was trying to figure out how to make it work. When out of nowhere she shows up with a gift wrapped box. On this box was a note that said "I am not going anywhere... Now quit your job that you hate and start the career that you will Love!!!" I am pretty sure that is the best fight that I have ever been in and the best girl to marry! Since then we have married and started a family of our own!

Ever since that day my photography career has ranged greatly. It has brought me all over New England and out of the country. I primarily focus on weddings in New England but love to photograph new and different subjects. (Travel available) I shoot from a photojournalistic approach; I feel this captures people’s true raw emotion and makes a photograph a photograph.

Please take a few minutes and look through my work!

-Adam Peschke